Your Guide To Sea Kayaking, Kayak Hire, Kayak Fishing & Kayak Lessons In & Around Cornwall

Kayaking is a great way to discover the hidden scenery and wildlife of the Conwall coastline. Cliffs, caves, tunnels, stack and secluded beaches can all be visited. Hundreds of people come to Cornwall every year to try kayaking, simply because the Cornish coastline provides one of the most uniquely spectacular environments of the British isles.

Kayaking In Cornwall - Cornwall KayakingThe combination of dramatic cliffs, imposing headlands, incredible wildlife and notorious tidal streams make for an area that can easily be described as “world class”. Sea kayaking is possibly the only way to fully get to know this amazing environment. It allows you to get close enough to it to be dwarfed by the grandeur of the cliffs and headlands, hear and smell the birds and seals, whilst feeling the power of the tidal streams.

The sea kayak is perhaps the ultimate way to truly experience all that the coast of Cornwall has to offer. This coastline has been shaped by the huge ocean swells that can hit it, along with the winds that can batter it, and the strong tidal streams that race around it. This must never be forgotten if choosing to explore the Cornish coast in a sea kayak. It’s a serious place and the appropriate knowledge and experience is essential.

Sea Kayaking In Cornwall Offers You The Opportunity To View Natures Own Amazing Architecture…

For the Kayaker who has the knowledge and expertise, there is a lifetime of exploration around the coastline of Cornwall, with a huge variety to choose from. It is possible to go sea kayaking in sheltered areas, where the tidal streams, swell and wind have little effect, or to seek challenge around committing headlands and islands where the tides and swell will take no prisoners.Cornwall Kayaking - Kayaking In Cornwall

The cliffs around the Cornish coastline are like few other places in the world when it comes to their size and variety. Around every corner there are caves of all shapes and sizes with some large enough to hide a double decker bus in. Alongside these are natural rock arches and sea stacks towering high, like natures own architecture.

Making their homes on the numerous ledges found on these exposed cliffs sit thousands of nesting birds, choosing to raise their young on the coast of Cornwall in the early summer months. The variety of birds is second to none, with plenty of species for the sea kayaker to spot. Also making it their home are the grey seals, hanging out on the low lying rocks at the foot of the cliffs or perhaps on one of the amazingly sandy beaches.

To compliment the incredible natural environment, the coastline has the additional interest of human history to explore and discover. Where it’s one of the amazing castles perched precariously on a cliff top, a unique old fishing harbour, a long forgotten world war defense structure, an isolated lighthouse standing tall above the sea or a wreck lying on hidden rock; they all have a story to tell and a hidden beauty within.

Again, the sea kayak provides a unique vantage point to discover this human history from, and offers a chance to feel part of it aswell as just seeing it. The coastline of Cornwall is like no other and the sea kayak provides an amazing way to fully appreciate what it offers. It’s a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered by you and your kayak!